Purpose Driven Passports is a community of travelers dedicated to improving the lives of local citizens in the countries they visit. Each year they identify 3-5 projects to support, and collaborate to provide financial resources, supplies, and people needed on the ground to get the job done. They also create community service ideas that people can do on their own trips, and connect travelers with places they can make a big difference in only a few hours on vacation.

Inspired by the tribe PDP was curating, I leaned on tribal symbols for inspiration for the core logo. The Nkyinkyim Adinkra symbol resonated the most visually and in terms of meaning ("initiative, versatility, adaptability"), so I used that as a foundation. I took the initials P D P and created an abstract representation of each letter. I then incorporated light, pastel colors, inspired by platforms for travel the earth, water, and the sky. To promote country-specific initiatives, I designed for flexibility to incorporate the country's flag into the logo.

The project fulfilled me both creatively, and personally, as I was able to see the immediate impact on communities outside of my borders, as a result of my work. 

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