Daddy & Me

This time last year, I’d made up my mind to finally take a break and focus on building my own business as well as getting some much needed relaxation time in. The goal was 2019.

However, this past June, my daddy unexpectedly passed away, and it pushed me into a whirlwind of emotions and responsibilities that I could have never anticipated. Losing two parents within 6 years of each other has taken a serious toll on me, and I've had to re-evaluate how I was approaching life and grieving.

So, I’m starting my sabbatical a bit early, to focus on creating, for the sake of creating, exploring the world, nurturing my soul and spending time with my family. I’ll do my best to share updates. In the ad industry, and a lot of other high-paced industries, I believe we often forget to breathe and reflect, to take care of ourselves. I hope this encourages you to do that.

In February 2020, I’ll begin accepting new client opportunities.