MAFA Chicago is multicultural organization that focuses on driving diversity within the advertising industry. As their 5th anniversary approached MAFA Chicago realized that the mission of the organization had shifted significantly, and encompassed more than just members of the advertising field, now including tech brands and media companies. They decided to pursue a rebrand. The design evolved from the desire to align with the definition of Coalesce: "come together and form one mass or whole."

As a multicultural professional that has been touched by several diversity programs in the advertising industry, I was able to be sensitive to the core topics that needed to be taken into consideration. I combined unique elements and brought them together to form a single formation. The "O" detail, represents bringing a unique and diverse group of people from different industries (geometric shapes) together to form a greater entity.

After a successful re-brand and launch, the COALESCE organization appointed me the Brand and Design lead. It was a big accomplishment for me, as all of COALESCE's events and initiatives are sponsored by leading brands and advertising agencies, making each project a big responsibility to handle and execute seamlessly. This has given me an opportunity to build my leadership skills, serving as a creative director over all external campaigns and event branding. Below, are a a couple of recent projects that I've led. 



Mix & Stir, is a series of mixers that gives brands and ad agencies exposure to capable and diverse talent. Sponsorship includes an opportunity to share information about the sponsor's company, as well as receive data on attendees that includes their background, and job-seeking status. 


COALESCE Brand University

BrandU is a daylong conference focused on building your brand, expanding your professional network and standing out in the interviewing process. Attendees experience exciting workshops and activities including mock-interviews and resume critiques. From managing your professional social presence to learning how to advocate for yourself, this is an event that covers all of the bases. This year, I developed the concept, "connecting the dots" and guided our designer, Kaylaind Beck, through the development of creative across all channels.