My roots are in Southeast Texas and where the bulk of my life has been spent. Post-Harvey, my daddy and I were reminded of how important it is to digitize our memories and preserve stories for future generations. Pulling out old dusty albums from over 60 years ago, we begin scanning everything in, trying to figure who was who, and from which side of the family.

In June of 2018, my daddy suddenly passed away and as I began to dig back into those memories as well as find more, I felt a push to focus more on archiving my own history. I’d spent many years telling other’s stories, but now with both of my parents gone, it seemed even more important to have their narratives documented so that any children my sister and I might have would know about their heritage. 

Currently I’m spending time exploring ways to repurpose the images with different techniques, under the title Chapel & Crown. Chapel, a reference to my family’s long history of faith and ministry, and Crown, a nod to our last name of Queen. My goal is to archive and repurpose enough images for a full art exhibit, in the future, and to document the process along the way.